The light,
hi-fi way
to listen


In the emerging “true wireless” headphone market, we developed a brand that was at once compact and innovative in its design, visual communications and simplicity on the Amazon marketplace.



By allowing the product features to guide our creative, we sculpted both written and visual content that spoke to the specific functionality of the product’s great design.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

We make things that make life easier. We make life easier with things. It may seem like a very simple concept – that’s because it is. Our headphones connect instantly, so our creative had to do the same with Amazon customers in a split-second.


Amazon Marketplace

The brand lives off of Amazon sales, so their listing had to be sharp and consistent. Branding throughout, clear copy and crisp images put us leaps and bounds above the competition.

eCommerce & Web Presence

The Pop Design brand has to live as beautifully on Amazon as it does on your phone, tablet or laptop. With an analytics-tracked & SEO optimized platform, the brand was not only easy to find, but easy for customers to buy into.

Packaging Design

A creative partnership in every aspect, from the get go we worked with Pop on everything from logo design to packaging and Amazon launch strategies. Together, we evolved into the creation and refinement of new products as the brand soared and solidified at the top of Amazon Best Seller pages.

I firmly believe that when powerful creative and statistic-backed insights combine, brands can reach their full potential.

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