The Fun &
Smart Kids


The children headphone space has become increasingly competitive as parents look for a volume safe alternative to hi-def adult headphones and cheap toy audio devices. Buddyphones offer a high quality award winning alternative that we were chosen to photograph and distribute via Amazon.


Entering a saturated segment is never easy, making yourself stand out amongst hundreds of competitors requires persistence. By A/B testing Amazon ads, we honed in on the most statistically effective design language & rippled it everywhere.

24 HR

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Buddyphones volume-safe headphones are all about having fun and being a kid, the smart way. Sensible, yet playful. We struck this balance by placing the fun looking product alongside logical & clean graphics. Our goal was to communicate a fun/playful brand that appealed to kids yet communicated durability/quality to parents.


Amazon Marketplace

As a parent, you are always in need of more time, our listing had to be efficient. Minimal yet colorful graphics communicate features without the fluff while consistent branding throughout establishes graphical consistency - indirectly implying quality consistency.

eCommerce & Web Presence

The Buddyphones brand has to live as beautifully on Amazon as it does on your phone, tablet or laptop. With newly resurfaced & SEO optimized platform, the brand was not only easy to find, but easy for customers to buy into.

I firmly believe that when powerful creative and statistic-backed insights combine, brands can reach their full potential.

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