I created Knuckies after seeing countless broken screens in the high schools I occasionally substituted in. I love the idea of saving millions of dollars and pounds worth of pollution by reducing broken phone screens. The idea that this very phone-saving device can also safely be used to spin around a $500+ piece of technology is hilarious to me.

This is a product that is as equally fun as it is functional. As the result of countless prototypes and 3D printing runs, this bearing model has many special features that separate it from any other phone stands/ handles in the market. It stands with stability & ideal height at both portrait and horizontal views. It pivots toward the knuckles for a more secure grip. It is tapered at the edges to prevent any hard angles from hitting the skin. It is ergonomically designed to be used backwards for a hands-free experience. Plus it spins really fast and smooth.

I created the 3D models, photographs, branding, graphics and website for this product.

UPDATE: This design has been discontinued due to it's high production cost. A new equally functional yet fully 3D printed (no bearing) design has replaced this older version.  


Takeaway: If you get joy from something, chances are someone else will. Don't be afraid to share something you believe in, the journey it takes you on is the real win.