At a base level, every brand is selling a belief in some shape or form.

Successful companies use belief as a compass in literally every single action. Sweeping floors, stacking napkins, photos, branding, social, you name it.

Our job is to make sure your brand's passion is present in as many formats and as often as possible. 

Some steps we can take:

  1. Preliminary Competitor Research | 1-3hrs
  2. Brand association mapping/ lateral thinking | 1-3 hrs
  3. Domain brainstorm/identification - if applicable |1-3 hrs
  4. Icon research, ideation and design | 1-2 hrs
  5. Typographic research, ideation and design | 1-2 hrs
  6. Production of versatile files for client use | 1 h


Identify successful competitors and the concepts, themes, tactics that make them successful and why. They have spent thousands/ millions on marketing agencies to identify what statistically works for your target demographic. What kind of phrasing do they use, is their branding, written and visual content clean or playful, strong or delicate, neutral or gender-centric, specific or broad. 

Domain Brainstorming and Identification

Identifying a memorable and easy to spell domain is crucial. A difficult to understand/spell domain communicates "this person lacked the insight and creativity to identify a great domain name". Why should they think your product will be great?

You should be able to shout your domain name to someone as you get off a bus and have them know how it's spelled and what your business is without need for repetition. If you don't have the domain, it doesn't mean squat. I've helped clients acquire:,,,,,,

Iconographic Ideation and Design

Simple is better. Always start in black and white to test flexibility. In today's mobile-first environment, it is essential to have a singular & scalable icon that represents your brand. I look for icons that can be placed on all sides of the brand's name for maximum versatility. The intention is flexibility, recognition and relevance. 

Typographic Ideation and Design

At this stage, we identify a font that embodies the main intention of your brand. Bold elegance, clean minimalism, handwritten grace, tough brutalism or delicate playfulness. Whatever adjectives we identify, testing various fonts allows us to land on the perfect typeface. Are people able to read your brand name in one second?