For this project I worked with the client to focus and condense technical information for 12 travel adapters and 3 car chargers. This required that I keep an extremely organized file system to ripple any corrections or changes across all of the products. Creating images that could be used across both types of adapters (usb and non-usb) was key in cutting down production time. For example, by using photos of the top of the adapter (and not exposing it's USB port side) for the "safety" image, we were able to use the image across both types (usb and non usb).

The competitive advantage of this product included it's FCC and IEC compliant safety standards, LED light and patented safety cover features. The catch phrase "Free Your Power" was used to communicate the freedom gained from these versatile power adapters.

Takeaway: Stay organized, plan for the future to reduce redundancies and increase efficiency. You'll save not only your time, but your budget.