At the peak of dollar beard club mania, Urban Nomads needed to stand out and connect with the rugged, modern day beadsman. With organic ingredients that were intoxicatingly refreshing, we made sure this Barcelona brand's creative was so rich people could smell it.



Beards go against the societal grain and our creative had to follow suit. Wilderness explorers, clean/bold graphics, sharp copy and descriptive aromatic profiles helped the brand stand out and climb to the Best Sellers page in under a month.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Urban Nomads Co. champions organic ingredients, self-acceptance & exploration. The man-tra “Enjoy Your Nature” reflects that immediately and served as the keystone for all the creative.

Social Media Strategy

We had the opportunity to make a collage footer with the launch of this brand and we took advantage of it. Mixing nostalgic imagery with iconic man-tras, we increased the likelihood of gaining followers who stumbled accross our page. Partnerships with the biggest influencer in bearded skateboarding (Chris Haslam) didn't hurt either.

Amazon Marketplace

The brand lives off of Amazon sales, so their listing had to be sharp and consistent. Branding throughout, clear copy and crisp images put us leaps and bounds above the competition.

eCommerce & Web Presence

The Urban Nomads brand has to live as beautifully on Amazon as it does on your phone, tablet or laptop. Bold imagery, nostalgic beadsman photos and artful aromatic stories combine on a platform that conveniently pushes orders to FBA for drop-shipping.

Logo Resurface

The Urban Nomads logo was almost there when we came into the picture. With a few tweaks and a trim or two, we helped clean it up for the modern beadsman. A more realistic hairline and onyx eyes did the trick.

We firmly believe that when powerful creative and statistic-backed insights combine, brands can reach their full potential.

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