My process began by identifying a catch phrase that resonated with the brand's organic and rugged adventure persona. By using lateral thinking and brainstorming with the client, we were able to hit a creative wall and break through it. Eventually, we were able to identify "Enjoy Your Nature" to be a strong slogan for the brand. The double meaning behind the phrase encouraged fans to go inside and outside to enjoy nature.  Go enjoy your own nature (personality) and enjoy the actual nature/ world around you (the natural ingredients in the product).

We wanted to appeal to the bearded man who liked art, travel and culture (the beard care products are made in Barcelona). Our social posts and content reflect that with a variety of photos related to art, travel, adventure and beard life.

My work involved managing and creating:

  1. All Amazon image gallery/website graphics
  2. Five Amazon A+ Description galleries, all Social Media accounts
  3. The entire FBA-Integrated Shopify website
  4. White background and lifestyle product shots for each of the products
  5. Initial Google Adwords, Retargeting, Facebook and Instagram Ad push at launch


We reached the front page of Beard Oil within a month and have maintained consistent sales across each product since. Update : Beard Wax hit the first page and has received an additional "Strong Wax" version.

(For this project I worked with the creators after they had made the packaging and logo to brand the company. I slightly modified the hairline of the logo for a more realistic effect.)