For this project we worked side by side with the client to refine all of the product photography, graphics, infographics and messaging.

The nature of the product demanded that we make a Shopify website to allow the client to fulfill website orders through FBA (fulfilled by Amazon). We were also able to coin the slogan "Set Your TV Free" for use in the packaging we designed & throughout the website/ amazon page.

The antenna offered by the company had specific perameters that enabled a clear signal. These parameters had to be communicated in a very simple yet direct format.

The more customers were aware of the limitations of using the antenna, the less likely they would be to buy it and be unable to use it (something that would hurt Amazon reviews.)

I attempted to communicate freedom, fun and convenience in a simple yet bright way.

This creative collaboration allowed us to successfully launch the content for this product in only two weeks.

Takeaway: If your product has certain specifications that will make it unusable to some customers. Make that pitfall UNAVOIDABLY obvious to your  potential buyer. If they know they can't use your product, they won't buy it, be unsatisfied & write a poor review.