For this project we wanted to capture the cube's portability and everyday functionality. We took shots of it next to coffee and in the car to convey how easy it was to take with you anywhere.

We used a unique stove with lights (at an appliance store) to emphasize the charge-level indicator. Placing it amongst other high tech and fun gadgets (things organized neatly) has a transference effect of quality in the customer's eye.

My assignment was to create an image gallery and A+ gallery for the two colors within the span of one week (when the product arrived for FBA). I took the white photos and lifestyle shots then created the gallery by employing a modified version of Ogilvy's (Ogilvy & Mather) standard article layout (from top to bottom: photo, title, text).

Takeaway: Utilize local appliance stores, use light boxes on the base of mannequins at Macy's,  go to furniture stores, coworking spaces; find the places you want your product to be associated with and ask if you can take a few quick photos!  (the worst that can happen is they say no)