A collection of Amazon imagery, graphics and copy for multiple headphone manufacturers

"We worked with Buddyphones to capture true-to-life images and design scaleable graphic systems."

Kindle Oasis + BTX

Photography, Digital Design

Collaborating with Amazon for the launch of the new Kindle Oasis & Pop Design BTX Headphone bundle.

"Enjoy listening to your favorite Audible book on the New Kindle Oasis bundled with Hi-Fi Pop Design BTX headphones."

"With crisp, bold sound and luxurious comfort, the Pop Design BTX headphones are the perfect choice for your new Kindle Oasis."

Pop Design is an established Amazon vendor with over 40 product offerings, 5 of which maintain a best seller ranking selling over 100,000 units and generating seven figures annually.

Mike Ideas and Pop Design have been longterm collaborators since the company was founded in 2016. Mike Ideas was commissioned to design the brand identity for Pop Design, as well as the product photography, packaging, web development, Amazon listings, and copywriting for every product launched under the brand since its inception. The Kindle Oasis & Pop Design Headphone Bundle was the vendors first foray into a product launch partnership with Amazon directly.

Originally launched in 2007, the original Amazon Kindle was the ultimate expression of the bookseller’s love for literature. Fast forward 14 years, and the little reading device has gotten brighter, snappier, waterproofed and boasts a surprising 6 week battery life. For the unveiling of this new feat in engineering, Amazon sought out a headphone brand to bundle with the Kindle at an affordable price.

Mike Ideas collaborated directly with Pop Design founder Kannyn MacRae to design packaging, photography, graphics and copyrighting that met the myriad of Amazon’s standards and specifications while remaining true to Pop Design’s “Life, Better” brand tagline. Promoted as a Kindle compatible headset, the BTX007 Stereo Headphones features high-fidelity stereo sound, swiveling synth. leather ear pads, an adjustable headband, rugged travel case and controls that Bluetooth headset consumers have come to expect.

The 8 image Amazon Gallery and Enhanced Content Gallery contains 12 high-fidelity product photographs on flat white. To harmonize the kindle-inspired machined-metal appearance of the new BTX Headphones, a bright lighting treatment was applied to the white background photography. Post-production techniques were used to emulate high-end competitor offerings, while practical, water-centric imagery drove home the IPX8 functionality of the Kindle. The typography echoes the Kindle’s “distraction free” ideology, with Indian Type Foundries’ geometrically circular typeface Poppins used for headlines, subheadings, and callout text.

The Mike Ideas team produced lifestyle photography for the Amazon image gallery, including sourcing talent, scouting locations, stylizing and post production on three seperate photoshoots to be used across promotions, listings, and beyond. The tone of messaging is direct, informative and inspirational with vocabulary that feels empowering, just like books.

Slowly evolving over the years into a streamlined touch screen design, the Kindle has provided readers with the ability to read and listen to audiobooks anywhere. The Mike Ideas team took this to heart by producing a series of images that captured the spirit of exploration and comfort. Tropical pools, calming beaches, garden picnics, & hammock forests adorn a product page that feels at one with the Kindle messaging “Read Anywhere”.

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