Barefoot Shoes

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A collection of shoes, boots, and sandals we spent way too many dozens of hours researching.

"low tech shoes, high tech feet" - all of our ancestors


Allow your feet to do what they were meant to.

When deciding on a the type of foot-liberating shoe to wear, go slow, don't do anything painful, and keep these things in mind.

Wide toe box: fully spread your feed without abrasion

Zero drop: no incline from front to back = less heel striking.

Flexible soles: if your sole bends, arches get stronger to compensate.

Ankle straps: prevent toes from micro-constricting to hold onto a flip-flop

Our Dream Shoes

Hikers, boots, sandals and everyday.

On the trail or on the street, having the ability to feel whats beneath you can make all the difference.

From preventing injuries to stimulating the nervous system, letting your feet do their thing can be a healing experience.