Macbook Cable Velcro This is my prototype for any Macbook cord organization. It’s pretty simple: 1. Get Circular Velcro Adhesives Black Velcro Dots White Velcro Dots 2. Buy Two Straps – Link here Rainbow Velcro Straps Black Velcro Straps 3. Stick fuzzy velcro dot to each side of charger 4. Use the rough “hooks” strap […]

Random GIFS

Random GIFS Illustration, Design Visuals made with smiles.


Press Featured on: Enjoy this collection of our works featured on publications around the world! “Mike Ideas Invents the first Human Amazon Inspired Product Page” – CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX

Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot Shoes Blog, footwear, Gear A collection of shoes, boots, and sandals we spent way too many dozens of hours researching. “low tech shoes, high tech feet” – all of our ancestors Shoes Allow your feet to do what they were meant to. When deciding on a the type of foot-liberating shoe to wear, go […]

Thank You Cards Story

54 Thank you Photography 54 Thank you cards made slow with love, sent on our wedding anniversary. Mike Ideas Studios founder Michael Diaz & his now wife Anne Lindwall were married at Mead Garden in Winter Park Florida on January 17, 2020. 154 pre-pandemic guests were in attendance and the ceremony was an uplifting celebration […]


Trademarks Identity, Design Helping brands express beliefs & emotion within identity ecosystems. “a mark is the visual expression of a brand’s soul.”

New General Menu

New General Menu Digital Design Reformatting a one sheet, 57 item menu? Pedantic. Doing so while honoring the original designer? A privilege. Working with the owner of local community-centric cafe and coffee shop on a mission to prove healthy can be delicious? Thats the dream. “we honored the original minimalist design to help customers order […]

AK Building Services

AK Building Services Web, Design, Identity Upon writing “graphic, photo, and web services” on my laptop with a Sharpie, I caught the attention of Vice President Shari Cedar and began long-term partnership as her Strategy Advisor and Senior Designer. We now win seven figure contracts by helping people shine (not just businesses). “AK Building Services […]

Avalon Exchange

Avalon Exchange Design, Web Development, Print, Branding Designing print assets and online presence for a premium consignment shop with seven locations.


Nightscape Digital Design Turning a watercolor into a nightscape for a winning urban design proposal by meticulously hand painting every single window and low-impact streetlight to reveal a beautiful night sky in 24 hours. “low-impact lighting is featured throughout the concept to reveal the stars” Stringfellow Planning and Design is a Winter Park based urban […]

Thank you cards

Thank you Photography, Illustration Coping with the 2020 isolation by slowly writing and illustrating 54 bespoke thank you cards for our family and friends. “created with immense gratitude and appreciation for the people in our lives” Mike Ideas Studios founder Michael Diaz & his wife Anne Lindwall were married at Mead Garden in Winter Park […]

Pop Bottles

Pop Bottles Photography, Identity, Digital Design Brand identity, photography and Amazon assets for vacuum-insulated water bottles. “The new Pop Bottles are the perfect eco-friendly vessel to make life better on the go.” Coming soon: Learn more about this project “Hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours, 2 sizes, 3 finishes, & one replaceable cap“ […]

Aero 2

Headphones Photography A collection of Amazon imagery, graphics and copy for multiple headphone manufacturers “We worked with Buddyphones to capture true-to-life images and design scaleable graphic systems.” Kindle Oasis + BTX Photography, Digital Design Collaborating with Amazon for the launch of the new Kindle Oasis & Pop Design BTX Headphone bundle. “Enjoy listening to your […]

Kindle Oasis + BTX

Kindle Oasis + BTX Photography, Digital Design Writing copy, designing graphics, capturing imagery, and communicating directly with Amazon corporate for the launch of the new Kindle Oasis & Pop Design BTX Headphone bundle. “Enjoy listening to your favorite Audible book on the New Kindle Oasis bundled with Hi-Fi Pop Design BTX headphones.” Learn about this […]

Urban Nomads

Urban Nomads Photography, Digital Design The beard oil industry is born. Spanish aromacologist Anwar Bousetta needed to launch yesterday. We step in with art direction, photos, web design, and social media curation. We brainstorm with Anwar, find the compass maxim “Enjoy Your Nature”, and grow a $200,000 ARR Amazon Best Seller in 5 months. “hand-crafted […]


Zens Art Direction, Digital Design Creating dozens of soup to nuts Amazon listings for a pioneer in wireless charging. “the freedom of a full charge, made possible by a smartly designed family of qi-wireless chargers” “chargers, power banks, speakers and more combine for a cohesive family of powerful products”


Broaden Brand Identity, Digital Design, Art Direction Seeing an increase in superficiality among couples? Uncomfortable. Reflexively thinking of blindfolding and introducing complete strangers to break stereotypes? Unusual. Watching two people meet blindfolded and go on to date for 3 months? Instantly start a grassroots social experiment blindfolding and introducing 5,400 hundred people around the world. […]


Knuckies Product Design, Identity, Digital Design Broken phone screens suck and fidgeting rocks. That’s why I developed 82 prototypes of a 100% 3D printed phone stand that spins and still stands sturdier than most. “The first model was later reduced from 4 KNUCKLES to a pair of cute Knuckies” Learn about this project “The rectangular […]

Search Best Sellers

Search Best Sellers Product Development, Identity Design, Social Media Management, UI Design, Art Direction Googling “_______ Best Seller” to find Amazon’s 100 most purchased? Tedious. Creating a custom search engine to do it automatically? Smart. Appending my Amazon affiliate code to those links to make passive income? Five head. “while Amazon keeps a list for […]

Munster Pottery

Munster Pottery Photography Admiring, engaging, and empowering a neighbor, friend, and professional ceramic artist with on-call documentation of his hyper-local practice. “Each firing is a journey in its own right as clay is processed, wood gathers, and work is created and pools in from the community” Learn more about this project “careful prep-work is needed […]

Brandhut Agency

Brandhut Brand Identity Design, Web Design, Messaging Asking how a multi-brand Amazon vendor’s unique business model could be captured in a symbol for empowering the little guys to grow smarter, together. “an agency dedicated to helping Amazon vendors pool resources and expertise to grow together” Learn more about this project “Collaborative, personal, and very […]


Push Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design Working on location to produce dozens of winning pitch assets, document office culture, manage a team of remote artists, and art direct a social media standardization strategy in under 40 days. “a visual mark reflecting a dedication to pushing clients to their full potential, from the inside out” Learn […]

Pop Design

Pop Design Product Design, Brand Identity Design, Photography, Graphic Design, Packaging Design The best products make Life Better. They pop your bubble and get you to experience new things in new ways. 35 profitable launches, over 3 million units sold, and 5 websites later, Pop Design is still smiling strong. “When needed, the smiling ‘o’ […]


Wave Photography, Digital Design Creating imagery and graphics for an international kids headphone brand. “We worked with Buddyphones to capture true-to-life images and design scaleable graphic systems.”