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Goosehands Art Direction, Photography Photographing artwork for a Central Florida bespoke talisman artisan. “Hand made to order, Goosehands crafts each talisman with love and intention for the wearer.” “Soldered, entwined, and molded to the shape of gemstones, artifacts, and natural materials chosen with the hope of empowering others “

Pop Bottles

Pop Bottles Photography, Identity, Digital Design Brand identity, photography and Amazon assets for vacuum-insulated water bottles. “The new Pop Bottles are the perfect eco-friendly vessel to make life better on the go.” Coming soon: Learn more about this project “Hot for 12 hours, cold for 24 hours, 2 sizes, 3 finishes, & one replaceable cap“ […]

Aero 2

Aero 2 Photography Amazon imagery, graphics and copy for a micro headset with 20 hours of play. “photographing the new Aero TWS headphones demanded a joyful aesthetic that was equal parts lighthearted and dependable “ Coming soon: Learn more about this project “4 grams, 5 hours of battery, 30ft of range and a compact 350 […]

Kindle Oasis + BTX

Kindle Oasis + BTX Photography, Digital Design Collaborating with Amazon for the launch of the new Kindle Oasis & Pop Design BTX Headphone bundle. “Enjoy listening to your favorite Audible book on the New Kindle Oasis bundled with Hi-Fi Pop Design BTX headphones.” Learn more about this project “With crisp, bold sound and luxurious comfort, […]


Zens Art Direction, Digital Design Creating dozens of soup to nuts Amazon listings for a pioneer in wireless charging. “the freedom of a full charge, made possible by a smartly designed family of qi-wireless chargers” Coming soon: Learn more about this project “chargers, power banks, speakers and more combine for a cohesive family of powerful […]

Munster Pottery

Munster Pottery Photography Documenting the work of a Central Florida ceramic artist . “Intentional works of clay that appear to have been uncovered after centuries within the earth. Munster’s unorthodox approach to this timeless medium drips with texture.” Coming soon: Learn more about this project “Local wood, clay, brick and sweat give birth to the […]


Wave Photography, Digital Design Pioneering International Volume-Safe Children’s Headphones. “Volume limited and super durable, Buddyphones are the best sidekick for your family’s next adventure!” Coming soon: Learn more about this project “We worked with Buddyphones to capture true-to-life images and design scaleable graphic systems.” Coming soon: Learn more about this project