New General Menu

New General Menu Digital Design Reformatting a one sheet, 57 item menu for a Winter Park cafe and retail shop. “we honored the original minimalist design to help customers order quickly and get back to connecting” Coming soon: Learn more about this project


Nightscape Digital Design Turning a watercolor into a nightscape for a winning urban design proposal in under 24 hrs. “low-impact lighting is featured throughout the concept to reveal the stars” Stringfellow Planning and Design is a Winter Park based urban planning firm that assists developers in the thoughtful planning of historic communities. Tasked with visualizing […]

Mead Garden Wayfinding

Mead Garden Wayfinding Copywriting, Digital Design Designing trail signage for the largest public 47 acre botanical garden in Winter Park. “Walking the land, studying surveys, and embracing the ever-evolving garden led us to adopt a modular way-finding system that could afford ongoing sign changes” Learn about this project “A dark green background was chosen to […]

NBA MLB Package Design

NBA + MLB Package Design Package Design Packaging design for 9 sanitizer & bath products of 60 NBA and MLB teams. “at the height of the pandemic, Bathletix needed a scalable package design for NBA and MLB teams” Coming soon: Learn more about this project In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the […]