Broaden Brand Identity, Digital Design, Art Direction Blindfolding and introducing people to promote empathy and understanding. “This unique social activism project empowers people to create blindfolded icebreakers.” Learn more about this project Download the Field Guide “we rotated the hole within the letter “b” to create a widened sun on a broad horizon line” Learn […]


Knuckies Product Design, Identity, Digital Design Developing 87 prototypes of a 100% 3D printed phone stand keeping screens out of landfills. “The first model was later reduced from 4 KNUCKLES to a pair of cute Knuckies” Learn about this project “The rectangular logo container widens a simplified side silhouette of the “ring” design” Learn about […]

Search Best Sellers

Search Best Sellers Product Development, Identity Design, Social Media Management, UI Design, Art Direction We built a search engine that shortcuts to Amazon’s hidden top 100 Bestsellers category pages. It’s incredible. “while Amazon keeps a list for the most popular products in hundreds of categories, it doesn’t let you search for these lists. Search Best […]