Broaden Brand Identity, Digital Design, Art Direction Seeing an increase in superficiality among couples? Uncomfortable. Reflexively thinking of blindfolding and introducing complete strangers to break stereotypes? Unusual. Watching two people meet blindfolded and go on to date for 3 months? Instantly start a grassroots social experiment blindfolding and introducing 5,400 hundred people around the world. […]


Knuckies Product Design, Identity, Digital Design Broken phone screens suck and fidgeting rocks. That’s why I developed 82 prototypes of a 100% 3D printed phone stand that spins and still stands sturdier than most. “The first model was later reduced from 4 KNUCKLES to a pair of cute Knuckies” Learn about this project “The rectangular […]

Search Best Sellers

Search Best Sellers Product Development, Identity Design, Social Media Management, UI Design, Art Direction Googling “_______ Best Seller” to find Amazon’s 100 most purchased? Tedious. Creating a custom search engine to do it automatically? Smart. Appending my Amazon affiliate code to those links to make passive income? Five head. “while Amazon keeps a list for […]