Munster Pottery


Admiring, engaging, and empowering a neighbor, friend, and professional ceramic artist with on-call documentation of his hyper-local practice.

"Each firing is a journey in its own right as clay is processed, wood gathers, and work is created and pools in from the community"

"careful prep-work is needed as the smallest miscalculation can result in disaster for Richard work and the locals pieces he helps fire"

"For 3 days and nights the kiln must be constantly fed with firewood, then left to cool off for one week"

"Local wood, clay, brick and sweat give birth to the final creations of several local artists at Munster's residence."

"Intentional works of clay that appear to have been uncovered after centuries within the earth. Munster's unorthodox approach to this timeless medium drips with texture."

From his custom handmade kiln to his incredible backyard studio, Richards entire process is in a league of its own. After photographing a few pieces for an exhibition, our friendship grew as we collaborated to capture everything from pottery and sculpture to macro textures and process. Sifting local clay, to scavenging discarded wood, to sculpting his unique pieces, the experience is always a delight.

The work displayed here is byproduct of several years and aims to shed light on the work of this amazing artist and incredible neighbor!”

– Michael Diaz

Richard Munster
Art Direction
Winter Park, FL
Project Team
Richard Munster
Michael Diaz