Digital Design

Turning a watercolor into a nightscape for a winning urban design proposal in under 24 hrs.

"low-impact lighting is featured throughout the concept to reveal the stars"

To show how carefully placed and calibrated lighting would look at night, Michael painstaking converted the artwork into a nightscape. Warm, welcoming, and magical as the natural Florida landscape, lighting lets the city glow while being careful not to outshining the night stars.

Individual windows light up homes, community centers, and pools, while street lamps and lightning bugs weave throughout the work. Aiming to show a slow transition from farmland to suburban to urban development, lighting carefully gently grows from left to right. Carefully collaborating with Stringfellow P&D, Michael was able to submit a design in under 24 hours that was used in the final winning proposal.

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Winter Park, FL
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Alex Stringfellow
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