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Creating the brand identity, content, and website to grow a 31 product Amazon brand from 0 to 3 million/year in 36 months.

Pop Design is a new Amazon-centric brand created by former Belkin PM & Marketing Director Kannyn MacRae. Comprised of functional, emerging technology-driven products that are carefully design and built to last, their offerings deliver a level of quality born from decades of experience creating products that make Life, Better. 

Targeted at individuals who want to a experience more comfort and joy inside the home and out in the world, the brand has independently brought to market over 31 products and primarily designs for the active lifestyle, kitchen, and audio electronics space.

Leveraging the personality of avid mountain biking founder Kannyn MacRae, Mike Ideas helped create the Pop Design name and its versatile brand identity to express a joyful adventure-seeking nature powered by approachable innovation.

The “Pop” monogram logo is an altered version of the Arista Pro typeface by Zetafonts, it is influenced by the bubbly feeling one gets from pushing a new toy’s circular power button for the first time. The smiling cyclops ‘o’ can be isolated for impact and reflects the brands commitment to approaching product development through the singular lens of design thinking. 

The monochromatic wordmark creates a striking yet friendly visual impact and lends itself well to manufacturing applications and packaging. When used across Amazon, the logo has a defensible and reputable demeanor that gives customers confidence, while still being welcoming enough to embrace broad demographics.

Embodying a friendly disposition, the playful and lighthearted nature of the “Pop” lettering is married with the utilitarian yet airy typeface of “design”. As needed, the smiling “o” can be utilized on micro applications like tws headphones, used as a frame for emphasis, or be knocked-out to absorb information like a sponge.

Oswald by Vernon Adams, Poppins SemiBold by Indian Type Foundry and Roboto Condensed by Christian Robertson are used across the brand system as the primary heading, subheadings and body text respectively. The Mike Ideas team also adapted the Oswald font to include a smiling Arista Pro “o” to punch up copy as needed.

Credibility plays a vital part of the identity ecosystem, with the repetition of branding consistently garnering image galleries and integrated directly on products via the smiling ‘o’, driving home the uplifting brand mission of making Life, Better. The packaging has been thoughtfully crafted to withstand abuse through the shipping/return cycles and incorporates the brand mantra alongside accessible customer phone support (a rarity among vendors), as well as spot gloss to help products ‘pop’ off the box.

To leverage Pop Design’s stock being shipped exclusively by Amazon, Mike Ideas executed the implementation of a Shopify website fully integrated with Amazon FBA fulfillment. Orders received on the site are conveniently and automatically shipped with no added intervention by the Pop team. The successful launch of the website empowers the brand with consumer insights normally hidden from Amazon vendors.

In direct collaboration with founder Kannyn MacRae, Mike Ideas executed the soup to nuts creation of over 31 Amazon product image galleries. Each gallery contains 7 extensive infographics and footer assets that highlight a products strengths, features and uses. Every element from the  highly-specialized flat white product shots and high-impact lifestyle imagery to the copyrighting, icons and print materials combine to present a cohesive narrative of both the brand and its offerings. 

Product descriptions, manuals and instructions are exhaustively detailed to mitigate customer service calls and defend hyper-sensitive Amazon listings from poor reviews. Emphasizing value and dependability, image gallery treatments are distinct, emotional, and intentionally disruptive, with flat white product ‘hero’ shots being A/B tested for improved conversion.

Pop Design is a quality-centric business with a powerful vision of leveraging design to make Life, Better for everyone, and their product catalogue comes equipped with the warranties and on-demand customer support to back it up. Its new identity captures this succinctly, ushering the promise of ‘reliability’ with strength and happiness.

Kannyn MacRae, Owner and Founder at Pop Design adds: “I couldn’t be more grateful and proud of what we have done to help Pop thrive in a competitive Amazon area. Michael was instrumental in its conception and will continue to be so in its continued evolution.”

Mike Ideas has created a distinguished brand identity for Pop Design, which, albeit diverse in its  product offerings, is built on a foundation that will elevate future designs. 

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"the playful and lighthearted nature of the 'Pop' lettering is married with the utilitarian yet airy typeface of 'design'."

"Its new identity captures this succinctly, ushering the promise of 'reliability' with strength and happiness."

"Emphasizing value and dependability, photography is distinct, emotional, and intentionally disruptive, with white background product shots being AB tested for improved conversion."