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Empowering shoppers with a Google Search Engine Hack

"while Amazon keeps a list for the most popular products in hundreds of categories, it doesn’t let you search for these lists. Search Best Sellers does." - Lifehacker

"colorful and bespoke illustrations help people feel what it's like to Shop Happy"

you can't do this on Amazon

Keyword search the 100 most-ordered products in a category.

+ See all related product categories in one shot

look beneath the surface.

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Google Search + Amazon Link = Shopping Bliss

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Earn passive commissions while helping Uncover the Most-Ordered things on Amazon.

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Michael would Google “Best Selling Amazon______” for the 100 most-purchased versions of an item. Emulating this Google query, Search Best Sellers was born to help people “Shop Happy” and offset waste from low-quality products. Michael has been developing the Google Play store App, Chrome extension and visual identity for Search Best Sellers across various channels. Founder Michael Diaz has helped the application evolve by ironically monetizing it with Amazon affiliate revenue, implementing country-specific searches, and generating publicity for the website on media platforms like Lifehacker. To date, Search Best Sellers has generated over $7,000 in 100% passive affiliate revenue from over 300,000 search queries from 50,000+ shoppers, effectively sustaining itself indefinitely. Recently, a “widget generator” was create to let affiliate marketers create their own embeddable revenue-generating version of search engine. Currently, thanks to our talented developer Kundan Ranka, Search Best Sellers is designed with html, css, and jQuery on a foundation of Python Django, deployed on Heroku with logs on Mongodb and user info on Postgres.
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