54 Thank you


54 Thank you cards made slow with love, sent on our wedding anniversary.

Mike Ideas Studios founder Michael Diaz & his now wife Anne Lindwall were married at Mead Garden in Winter Park Florida on January 17, 2020.

154 pre-pandemic guests were in attendance and the ceremony was an uplifting celebration of love at the historic botanical garden named after the famous American naturalist, entomologist and horticulturist  hybridizer Theodore L. Mead. Not a cloud in the sky, big smiles and lots of dancing brought together the union of two free spirits with Cuban and South African Swede nationalities.

To express gratitude for the attendance and generosity of their guests, Michael and Anne set out to infuse every one of their 54 thank you cards with the most love possible.

Hand drawing and writing one card per week, Michael and Anne set out to give their guests a card that was as unique and special as the day it spawned from. Each card usually featuring happy flowers, hearts, and suns smiling behind lofty clouds with the two newly weds and their thank you card guests enjoying a shared activity. Whether the guest was a musician, painter, chef, athlete, or otherwise, their passion was incorporated into the illustration and hand written letter on the reverse.

Throughout the pandemic and lockdown, Michael and Anne took comfort in expressing gratitude for the friends and family they missed so dearly. Now, in memory of the best day of their lives, these bespoke thank you cards live here as an inspiration to savor every moment with people that matter.

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Winter Park
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Michael Diaz
Anne Lindwall

""made with immense gratitude and appreciation for the people in our lives"