Urban Nomads

Photography, Digital Design

The beard oil industry is born. Spanish aromacologist Anwar Bousetta needed to launch yesterday. We step in with art direction, photos, web design, and social media curation. We brainstorm with Anwar, find the compass maxim "Enjoy Your Nature", and grow a $200,000 ARR Amazon Best Seller in 5 months.

"hand-crafted in the heart of Spain, Urban Nomads elegantly pairs a flurry of smart ingredients for a revitalizing hair & skin experience."

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"We are absolutely thrilled about our experience working with Michael to help us identify the brand byword: Enjoy Your Nature. It captures the whole thing perfectly." - A. Bousetta

The beard sector was saturated by hyper-masculine imagery from a swath of beard oil brands emerging in the US during 2015. With a novel approach for the growing beard care sector, Michael collaborated with Anwar to give Urban Nomads a presence steeped in working-man nostalgia, self-indulgent luxury, and self-embracing pride. Historically, beards have been a symbol of pride, a harbinger of wisdom, and an expression of individualism. At the time, beards were just beginning to blossom alongside boutique US coffee shops and a craftsmanship resurgence, a far cry from the ubiquity they enjoy today.

Tasked with creating lifestyle images, he enlisted studio contractor James Jackman to capture images set on carpenter desks, vintage medicine cabinets, raw sun-kissed wood, and sleek grand pianos. Accompanying these photographs, Michael captured flat white imagery for Amazon alongside ingredient-specific sets letting shoppers smell before they bought.

On social media, the team collaborated with Anwar to capture the heart of Urban Nomads with the catchphrase “Enjoy Your Nature.” The mantra nods to the natural ingredients used in the products, adventure-seeking persona of the beard wearer, and self-actualizing process of embracing an (at the time) stigmatized beard identity. Imagery sourced from the Library of Congress peppers their online social presence to inspire the beard-wearing pride men have enjoyed for ages.

Armed with the potent mission of helping men everywhere embrace a decadent form of self care, Michael curated a series of over 300 images on Instagram. Furthermore, an Amazon-fulfillment-enhanced Shopify website was created to increase sales and quickly bring the brand to the Best Sellers list for three separate categories in under a year. With this foundation of success, Urban Nomads continues to nourish spirits around the world.

Urban Nomads Co.
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