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“My brain is OBSESSED with helping people make things better. Over the past 10 years, I’ve gone from blindfolding strangers to being a toy salesman, web developer, graphic designer, product inventor, app developer, substitute teacher and brand advisor for hundreds of companies impacting thousands of people.

At 22, I started making graphics from a pals shed as “Mike Ideas.” I saved up, went to San Fran, got the founders’ bug, meditated for 10 days, invented a phone grip, & started pitching it. Photos of it landed me a gig designing Amazon image galleries with an Ex Belkin VP. We launched over 300 products, sold over 400,000 units, and pulled in over $10,000,000+.

Through my freelancing, agency contracts, and personal projects I’ve guided hundreds of people like you on how to stick out & scale brands. I’ve been in the trenches with shoestring and venture-backed companies and after 10 years, I’ve learned to empower people with transparent collaboration. 

Today, I help teams craft & express life-changing brand narratives. I share fun projects on Instagram, and empower shoppers with SearchBestSellers.com.

I’m an extroverted homebody with a wilderness side. I am 100% my worst critic – but I persist and love my self because I still get goose-bump-level excited about the disruptive ideas. 

A 100% Cuban American carpenter at heart, I live in Winter Park, Florida, probably should have been a therapist, am a cat dad to my shorthair Pepito, and prefer backpacking over bag packing. 

Oh yeah, about that ’empowering people’ thing again. Reach out, I can find ways to help you move differently.”

– Michael Diaz

About this studio

Mike Ideas is a creative advising and multi-disciplinary design studio packed with international talent.

Our work centers around purpose-driven content strategy, identity and design, illustration and insight, engagement and websites, communications and marketing, visuals and sensory experiences. Founder Michael Diaz is a practicing designer, developer, and inventor. Whether working with friends or clients, he does so with an open heart and playful mind.

Our business offerings are unique. In a world filled with user-friendly programs and affordable outsourcing for your "how", we work directly with you on the "what" and "why" behind the action.

This is an expression of a deeply held belief that great work is the result of excitement, wisdom and most importantly - balanced determination.

This is shown through a portfolio spanning over a decade, numerous industries, and brands of every size.


Branding | Identity

Naming and Copywriting
Customer Empathy Maps
Customer Narratives
Logomarks & Logotypes
Brand Systems Design
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice

Interdisciplinary Services

Research & Competitor Analysis
Social Media Strategy
Product Design
Content Creation
Product Development
Pattern Disruption
Animation & Illustration


Art Direction
Creative Direction
Campaign Management
Group Facilitation
Community Engagement
Career Coaching

Web Design

Shopify, Wix, WordPress, SQSP
UX/UI Product Development
Conversion Optimization
Event Tracking
Funnel Pages
User Experience

Selected Clients

AK Building Services
Alfond Inn
Alora Paints
Anna Cruz
Anston Young
Art Miami
Arts Plumbing
ASAP Listings
Avalon Exchange
Balance Bag
Beard Butler
Beaux Arts
Bleeding In The Garden
Boca Bike Shop
Brand Hut
Cafe Italiano
Candy Cupboard
Career Source Bob
Coach Charles Tucker
Contour Graphics
Core Work Capital
Dog on Water Ramp
Dry Concepts
Election Voting
EV Gear
Every Arrow
Evo Cameras
Fuel Stickers
Fully Health
Fuse Reel
GIllen Services
Glamp Idy
Good Word Supply
Great People Skills
Greate Gables
Health Direct
Hemp Centric
HM Design
Hot Seat
Komorebi CFH
Mead Garden
Michelle Mediates
Mici Vending
Motion Picture Rental
Munster Pottery
My Hummy
New General Co
Old Familiar Sound
Peak Gear
Planet Juice
Pop Design Products
Relief Squad
Riva Blenders
Save the Econ
Search Best Seller
Shape Up W/ Sunny
Sidweber Law
Smart Zone
Stringfellow P&D
Violet Air
Thirty 48
Urban Nomads Co
Warrior One Yoga
Watchfree HDTV