We help brands stand out by standing for something


Who we are

Committed to challenging categories with integrity.

Mike Ideas is a creative studio led by Michael Diaz and a team of remote creatives. We stand for collaboration, empathy, and authenticity. We work closely with emerging & established teams to align with their values with action.


What we do

Provide value and connect with the people who need you most.

Brand Strategy:

Market and Opportunity Analysis

Value Prop and Identity Creation

Personality and Communication Strategy

Strategic Planning and Development

Visual Identity

Identity and Design Exploration

Visual Identity and Logo Systems

Brand Guidelines and Documentation

Package Design and Print Collateral


Go-to-Market and Launch Planning

Messaging Strategy and Development

Storytelling and Creative Direction

Brand Messaging and Content Strategy

Brand Writing and Content Creation


Digital and User Interface Design

Customer Experience and Service Design

Integrated Marketing Campaigns

Strategic Planning and Facilitation

Strategic Brand Consulting and Advisory


How we do it

We help clients feel safe enough to embrace who they are and want to be.


Who we’ve guided

For over a decade we've helped brands big and itty-bitty launch, grow, and thrive.

Headphone manufacturers, urban planners, Amazon vendors, botanical gardens, associations, coffee shops, consignment stores, beauty brands, supplements, fitness coaches, multi-national gym conglomerates, sports leagues, commerce platforms, therapists, lawyers, ecolodge architects, acupuncturists, business coaches, designers, artists, galleries, commercial cleaners, agencies, corporate trainers, toy companies, and other brands.