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Rebranding a master brand partnering with emerging and established Amazon vendors.

"an agency dedicated to helping Amazon vendors pool resources and expertise to grow together"

"Collaborative, personal, and very communicative, Michael approaches his work with a consideration few others match. We started working together over five years ago and have launch hundreds of products from start to finish together."

"aspirational and Amazon-targeted, ads nod to the lifestyle goals most brand owners can relate to"

That’s where BrandHut comes in, with thousands of reviews already under their belt and tons of experience jumping through Amazon hoops, they empower brands with hard-won insight and pooled resources.

By selling products under the BrandHut name or leveraging its unique agency vendor services, brands can skip a mess of expensive headaches and troubleshooting. Everything from “brand registry” and logistics, to advertising approvals, keyword optimization, and customer service make or break product launches. The sooner a product wins, the longer it can stave off an inevitable price race.

Inspired by the value of unified vendor efforts, the Michael approached Brandhut’s identity refresh with the intention of helping sellers “grow together.” Unified, strong, and sheltered, the new brand mark captures Brandhut’s commitment to navigating Amazon intelligently for their clients.

With a nod to ancient tribal hut shapes, the double arrow borrows power from prehistoric symbols steeped in community. The upward motion of the two nested points suggests growth and unity. A sturdy triangle in form, this mark mirrors the strength Brandhut gains from pooling efficiency insights and seller reviews from multiple brands.

Targeting business owners and entrepreneurs interested in launching or growing their Amazon business, instantly-recognizable Amazon graphics pepper photos with a go-getter spirit. We know that brand owners are doing everything they can to protect five star customer reviews, so flub-dodging content positions BrandHut as a customer service education authority.

With the launch of over 500 products and millions in profit for its clients over the past seven years of its ongoing collaboration with Michael and his team, BrandHut has solidified its position as an international Amazon tour-de-force. Their website captures this success in a simple one page funnel. Straight-forward, easy to understand and conversion-centered, the new BrandHut website (designed in collaboration with studio designer Aidan Weltner) speaks to the ease vendors can hope to enjoy by growing together.

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