NBA + MLB Package Design

Package Design

Packaging design for 9 sanitizer & bath products of 60 NBA and MLB teams.

"at the height of the pandemic, Bathletix needed a scalable package design for NBA and MLB teams"

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Enter Bathletix, a forward-thinking bath and body product company that recognized an opportunity to unite sports enthusiasts with their favorite teams in a unique and meaningful way. This case study explores the strategic partnership between Bathletix and our award-winning creative agency, showcasing our collaborative efforts to design packaging for nine sports-themed bath and body products.


As the pandemic spread across the globe, hygiene products became essential for maintaining health and safety. Bathletix, a leader in the bath and body product industry, envisioned a line of sports-themed products that would cater to die-hard fans of the NBA and MLB. The company aimed to develop a range of items, including sanitizers, hand soaps, body washes, conditioners, and foaming soaps, all featuring the colors and logos of every single NBA and MLB team. To bring this ambitious project to life, Bathletix contracted our expertise as a renowned marketing consultant and branding strategist agency.

Project Objectives

The primary objectives of this project were to:

Create visually appealing and consistent packaging designs for nine different bath and body products.
Ensure that each product design resonated with fans while adhering to the licensing and branding guidelines set by the NBA and MLB.
Strategize an effective marketing plan to promote the product line and maximize brand visibility, fan engagement, and sales.
The Design Process

Our design process began with an in-depth analysis of both the NBA and MLB’s brand guidelines, studying the use of colors, fonts, and logo treatments to ensure compliance with their respective rules. We also conducted market research to understand the target audience, their preferences, and the most effective way to resonate with sports enthusiasts.

After gaining a solid understanding of the project’s requirements and audience, we faced several key challenges during the development process:

  1. Creating identical print files with lead lines and color X numbers for mass production: To ensure consistency and quality across all products, we meticulously developed print files that provided precise guidelines for color usage and placement. This precision allowed the mass production manufacturer to accurately reproduce our designs on each item.

  2. Optimizing space on the packaging for maximum logo visibility: Our team carefully analyzed the available space on each product’s packaging to prominently display the team logos while complying with the NBA and MLB’s branding guidelines. This process involved determining the ideal dimensions for each logo and strategically positioning them to maximize visibility and impact.

  3. Incorporating the brand’s tagline, #CleanUpYourGame: To reinforce Bathletix’s message of cleanliness and sportsmanship, we integrated the #CleanUpYourGame tagline across all product packaging. This consistent messaging reinforced the brand’s core values while engaging fans and encouraging them to embrace a clean and healthy lifestyle.

  4. Including necessary product information in multiple languages: We diligently researched and compiled all relevant product information, such as warnings, labels, directions, and barcodes, ensuring that they were presented in a clear and concise manner. To cater to a diverse audience, we also translated this information into multiple languages, maintaining consistency across all versions.

  5. Selecting intelligent color palettes to harmonize with team logos: Our designers curated color palettes for each product that would complement the respective team’s branding while allowing their logos to stand out. This careful consideration of color combinations ensured that each item’s packaging was both visually appealing and aligned with the NBA and MLB’s brand guidelines.

  6. During the design process, we identified an opportunity to emphasize the effectiveness of the products. We added a clear and bold statement to the packaging, highlighting that the products killed 99.9% of germs. In addition, we ensured that the percentage of alcohol included in the sanitizers was properly mentioned, following all regulatory guidelines.

Results and Impact

The Bathletix sports-themed bath and body product line was met with enthusiasm from both NBA and MLB fans. The striking packaging design, coupled with our comprehensive marketing strategy, led to increased brand visibility, fan engagement, and sales.

Our partnership with Bathletix successfully revitalized fan engagement during a challenging period for the sports industry. By fusing the worlds of sports and personal care, we demonstrated the power of innovative thinking and strategic collaboration in creating unique and meaningful connections with consumers.


Throughout this case study, we have demonstrated our ability to overcome numerous design challenges and deliver a successful sports-themed bath and body product line for Bathletix. By diligently addressing the complexities of mass production, packaging optimization, logo and tagline integration, multilingual content, barcode consistency, and intelligent color palette selections, we have created a visually appealing and functional product range that resonates with the target audience.

The incorporation of essential product information such as “kills 99.9% of germs” and the percentage of alcohol content added to the product’s credibility and consumer trust. The successful integration of the brand’s tagline, “#CleanUpYourGame,” further enhanced the connection between Bathletix and the sports industry.

As a result of our collaboration, Bathletix has experienced increased brand visibility, fan engagement, and sales. Furthermore, our efforts have contributed to innovative and engaging ways for fans to connect with their favorite teams.

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