Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design

Working on location to design winning pitch assets, document office culture, manage a team of remote artists, and art direct a social media standardization strategy in under 40 days.

"a visual mark reflecting a dedication to pushing clients to their full potential, from the inside out"

"in collaboration with local, international, and in-house talent, we sculpted a collection of images that breathed life into the new logomark"

Michael art directed multiple visualizations of the brand’s new logomark dubbed the “Master P”. The update involved ideation exercises, photography, art direction, pitch asset creation, talent sourcing as well as a comprehensive social media strategy including the standardization of various post categories and typographic treatments. The update is the first significant change to Push’s brand identity since 2011.

The new multi-layered symbol of a capital “P” represents the brands unique approach to “pushing” clients to their full potential from the inside out. Rippling from the center with increasing fidelity, the logomark embodies the hermetic principle of correspondence that states : “as above, so below; as below, so above”. The narrative behind the visual expresses what Push is – an agency that assists brands in activating their inner identity to inform external actions, products, services, messaging and strategies for delivering value and building communities around shared beliefs.

Michael worked closely with Push cofounder & CEO Mark Unger and his team to develop the social media content and strategy to usher this new representation for the brand. Push is a pioneer in its category: It is one of the most decorated Addy award agencies in Central Florida working with brands like Corkcicle, Sonnys BBQ, Valencia College, Wright State University, Tijuana Flats, Olive Garden, & Yardhouse since 1998. This time-tested experience is complimented by a unique approach to advertising – Push dives deep into the history, inter-workings and belief systems of the brands they serve. Services range from long-term strategy to full-scale content creation, media buying and brand management.

The introduction of the new logomark launches in tandem with an overhaul of their own social media marketing efforts, which aim to connect with potential clients by providing tangible value. In the presence of emerging boutique studios and local veteran agencies, their latest engagement strategy seeks to establish the agency as a resource for objective, industry-specific insights.

People clearly love their work, and Push wanted an approach that was united, expressive and adaptable. The agency makes it easy for brands to let their hearts guide their heads, to connect with their tribes on a deeper level. The challenge for Michael was to express this intention visually. By collaborating with various artists, the animations nod to the their experience within the education, retail and dining sectors while embodying their irreverent brand through fun, playful expressions.

Push is about helping brands connect, emotionally, from a place of authenticity that can only come from deep, self-aware, and genuine intention for good. The positioning centers around the agency being an empathetic guide that helps brands grow permanently from within, with a sense of confidence that is resilient, rings true to their roots, and is flexibly organized and relatable.

This is captured in the collection of social media post categories, a series that helps harmonize and batch the types of social media posts shared by the agency;

Dear Diary.
A collection of entries from Pushers – Drawings, writings, anything & everything creative from the team)

Lost & Found.
Creations that inspire – Design & Art inspiration we had to share.

Critical Mass.
Exploring visual strength in numbers – Visualizations to get you thinking.

Pushers: present your personal effects – Personal objects from the team arranged beautifully.

My Precious.
Inspiring objects worth discussing.

Master P.
The new Push logo by new artists – The all-new logomark, visualized beautifully.

Made You Look.
Posts worth a read and discussion, too – Push Blog posts, packed with insight.

Deja Vu.
Past Push work worth a second look.

Forced Fun.
Fun things our team does together.

Attention Please.
Announcement, Job Postings, Holidays, New Hires, Good Things.

Combined, these posts reinforce the notion that the agency looks below the surface and is always pushing deeper and allowing intentional consumer research to create strength, individuality, connection, content and more.

The typographic treatment used to visually harmonize the various posts employs a system of corner-locked titles to convey information. This recurring theme of posts overlaid with type subtly hints that the agency is a “knowledge-forward” editorial resource in contrast to many photography-centric competitors on Instagram.

The framework introduces a digestible and cohesive system that conveniently activates existing and original content with a more editorial and defensible continuity. While the posts formats like “Critical Strength”, “Lost & Found”, & “My Precious” lend to an wide array of user-generated content, “Deja Vu” & “Made You Look” provide a platform to highlight expertise decades in the making. Humanizing the brand further, the framework allows the internal team the creative freedom to shine outward via the “Dear Diary” and “Horcruxes” post types – pushing their own brand to its full potential from the inside out by showcasing the internal teams meaningful possessions and documenting agency experiences.

To breath life into the launch of the logomark, Mike Ideas served to curate content and source talent artwork for the “Master P” category of posts. Utilizing the Dribbble.com platform to identify, contact and art direct creatives, Michael Diaz coordinated the first round of 6 “Master P” visualizations.

Distinct, innovative and deliberate, these works of art tie into the agencies deep experience in specific industries. Fur and pearls drip with luxury retail while hypnotizing drink coasters and jello growing pendulums speak to their roots in the dining space. Abstract, vibrant iterations and quirky illustrations capture the brand’s odd-ball roots amidst custom floating ice cream photography created for their “Made You Look” blog posts.

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