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Strategic Business Advising

Leveraging your "why" before working with affordable talent and tools.

Upwork & Fiverr make it easy to find independent contractors

Hiring a freelancer has progressed rapidly in the past decade with huge strides in accessibility, affordability, and quality. In spite of this progress, the area of purpose-driven brand ideation/brainstorming has not been given much attention.

Michael and his freelance team have recognized that effective brainstorming plays a huge role in both the final design of assets and the way they impact followers, new and old.

The current trend + challenges

Currently, gig platforms use "the hourly rate" to reward the fast delivery of assets while penalizing collaboration and success between contractor and client.

Our focus is on the practice of value-driven ideation and the crucial roll it plays in how brands seek to win WITH their followers.

Content across every channel is becoming increasingly homogenous - this makes it even more important for brands to consider how they can make a tangible impact (both for their followers, and the planet alike).

Brands today face diminishing returns on each of their campaigns as many rinse and repeat their way toward click-bait irrelevance. This challenge is especially potent as new brands struggle for growth and differentiation, without the insight and innovation industry leaders can afford.

Pitch-culture and Impact

Culture and Impact

We can advise you on how to approach content creation in the following:

Branding | Identity

Brand Discovery
Customer Narratives
Logomarks & Logotypes
Brand Assets
Brand Standards
Brand Systems
Brand Strategy
Brand Voice

Web Design

Shopify, Wix, WordPress, SQSP
Conversion Optimization
Event Tracking
Funnel Pages
User Experience


Branded Collateral
Product Packaging
Brochures | Flyers | Rack Cards
Signage | Posters
Business Cards

Editorial Design

Website Headers & Footers
Art Direction | Creative Direction
Brand Collateral Harmonization
Animation & Illustration


Research & Competitor Analysis
Product & Lifestyle Photography
Social Media Strategy
Content Creation